February 5, 2023


When you first open TikTok, it’s tempting to like every video and follow every creator. Following too many creators, on the other hand, can make your Home feed cluttered and uninteresting.

Fortunately, TikTok gives you complete control over whom you follow and unfollow. Here’s how to do both on an iPhone or an Android device.

How to Follow TikTok?

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to follow on TikTok. You can find them by searching for them or tapping their username in a video or message.
  • Press the large red Follow button.
  • They’ll be added to your list of People to Follow.

How to Unfollowing someone on TikTok?

It is preferable to undo the follow you accidentally sent to someone immediately. If you unintentionally followed someone on TikTok while still watching their video, you can unfollow them instantly by going to their profile page.

  1. While still viewing the TikTok video, click on the uploader’s profile photo.
  2. Select the person icon with a checkmark below their TikTok count.
  3. Immediately remove the previous options and replace them with a follow button. This indicates that you successfully unfollowed them on TikTok.

However, you may not notice that you have accidentally followed someone’s TikTok, especially if you jump from one video to the next. You can go through your TikTok following list and look for unfamiliar names to unfollow later.

Using the following list

This is an excellent method for unfollowing multiple people at once.

  1. Navigate to your profile page and select the Following option beneath your username.
  2. A list of everyone you’re following will be displayed. Unfollow a user by tapping the Following grey button to the right of their name.

Unfollowing Multiple Accounts

TikTok also understands that you may need to unfollow multiple accounts at times. There could be various reasons why someone decides to unfollow in bulk.

It’s possible that the following exceeds the number of followers. It’s also possible that the account owner wants to revamp their “Following” feeds. Or they want to replace some accounts with other creators who meet their criteria. And many more reasons unique to the account owner.

Fortunately, TikTok allows users to unfollow multiple accounts at once. It’s as simple as unfollowing one by one.

Go to your profile account. There are two tabs there: “Following” and “Follower.” Select “Following.” You’ll also have access to a chronological list of accounts you’ve followed.

Knowing when you last followed an account can show where it falls in the sequence. Understanding this is critical because TikTok doesn’t have a search button on the list. As a result, you’d have to scroll down to find the accounts you want to unfollow.

You’ll notice a white box beside the account that says “Following” if you’re following a user and they’re not following you back or “Friends” if you’re mutually following each other, as shown in the image below.

How to Unfollow All Banned TikTok Accounts

Inactive or banned accounts will not automatically disappear from your following list unless you manually unfollow them. Fortunately, you can sort them from the list to easily remove them. When TikTok bans an account, its display name changes to “Tik Toker,” and its profile photo is removed.

Here’s how to unfollow a disabled TikTok account:

  • Go to your profile page and click the Following button.
  • In the search bar, type “Tik Toker” to see all banned TikTok accounts.
  • Unfollow them by clicking the Following/Friends button next to each of them.

Will They know You Unfollowed Them on TikTok?

TikTok will not notify users if you unfollow them. However, they may still have an idea if you unfollow them, especially if they know you and you unfollow them from their profile page. TikTok will notify users when you view their profile, which may give them the impression that you unfollowed them around that time.

If you can’t unfollow them, blocking them is the best way to remove them from TikTok without them knowing.

What Happens When You Unfollow Someone?

Certain things can happen if you choose to unfollow someone on TikTok. First and foremost, you will not notice their content on your Following page. Only by chance will you come across their videos on the For You Page. Alternatively, you can search for their account using the search icon in the upper right corner of the feed.

Another factor that may be unavailable if you unfollow an account is the message option. You can only message someone if you both follow them. Otherwise, messaging is prohibited. When you unfollow a user, the message button in their profile will be removed.

Unfollowing someone, on the other hand, does not remove their comments on your videos, your comments on their videos, their comments on videos you downloaded, or even their likes on your content. These data will remain in place regardless of follow or unfollow status.

Final words

If you want to cleanse the things you want to see in your feed, TikTok allows you to remove people from your following list. If you want, you can remove someone from your list of followers. However, you must use these powers with caution, as they may result in a temporary ban if you abuse them.

TikTok, like all social media platforms nowadays, allows users to curate their own experiences. They control whom they follow, unfollow, block, and become friends with.

They allow their users to use the platform however they see fit. TikTok allows users to control their emotions while on the platform by providing perfect content.

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