October 6, 2022

I’m looking for everyone Password for Tower of Fantasy open the electronic locks found throughout Aida? Despite what its name suggests, Hotta Studio’s free-to-play game is set in a tech-fantasy world where you’ll be hard-pressed to find a conventional lock to pick. Instead, the locks are sealed with a four-digit password. Electronic locks are attached to a variety of different structures, from security barriers to abandoned trucks, but note that these are different from the Tower of Fantasy codes, which allow you to unlock free items.

Entering the correct Tower of Fantasy password into the electronic lock guarantees various rewards. Deconstruction devices in particular reward you with gold cores that you can use to wish on weapon banners, while supply pods offer plenty of experience and upgrade materials which make Tower of Fantasy leveling easy. Cracking one particular electronic lock can even bring you one step closer to expanding your Tower of Fantasy vehicle roster. Read on to find out exactly where each electronic lock is located and what password Tower of Fantasy requires.

Every fantasy tower password and electronic lock location

Here is every Tower of Fantasy password and location of every electronic lock in the anime game, broken down by each region on the Tower of Fantasy map.

Tower of Fantasy Password Guide: Showing the numeric keypad for all electronic locks that require a matching four-digit Tower of Fantasy password


Location Structure Coordinates Password Award
HT201 Shelter Barrier 85, 976 1647 Type 2 stock


Location Structure Coordinates Password Award
Navia Bay Abandoned truck -537, -449 2202 Type 1 stock
Raincaller Island Radio tower -758, -569 5972 Voyager Hull mission progress
Raincaller Island Abandoned truck -643, -849 3344 Type 1 stock

Crown Mines

Location Structure Coordinates Password Award
Seaforth Dock Barrier 515, 773 3594 Type 1 stock
Crescent Shore Barrier 778, 642 1024 Type 2 stock
The Lumina Deconstruction device – PDC2 728, 847 7268 A golden core
Mining camp Deconstruction device – PDC1 377, 247 4753 A golden core
X-7 Research Lab Security system Story Mission 1103 Traps disabled

Ruin D-02

Location Structure Coordinates Password Award
Simple way of working Locked door Ruin D-02 2887 Access granted
Normal mode Locked door Ruin D-02 0713 Access granted
Hard Mode Locked door Ruin D-02 1027 Access granted


Location Structure Coordinates Password Award
Aarniel Fortress Deconstruction device – PDW1 382, -832 8521 A golden core
Aida Base Dawn Frontier At the door 666, -1224 7092 Access granted

How to find the password for electronic locks

Our Tower of Fantasy password list is all you need to crack any electronic lock. However, you may be wondering how you can figure out the password yourself. Each electronic lock is monitored by Password Memory robots, which you can find in the immediate vicinity. These bots provide clues to decipher the Tower of Fantasy password specific to that specific electronic lock.

This concludes our list of all Tower of Fantasy passwords for all electronic locks in the RPG so far. If you’ve managed to secure the Voyager hull, check out our guide to locating each part of the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle to complete the kit. There are many more exploration activities throughout Aida, such as solving all the Tower of Fantasy constellation puzzles or completing the Tower of Fantasy Claire’s Dream Machine challenge. Finally, check out our Tower of Fantasy Battle Pass guide for an alternative way to secure valuable loot.

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