October 6, 2022

The She-Hulk the show didn’t receive the best reviews, with many experiencing Marvel fatigue and a general disappointed consensus with much of Phase 4. Regardless, viewers who are still up for Marvel’s ride will find a lot to enjoy in the show’s lawyer- superhero. Tatjana Maslany is a great performance that delivers She-Hulk for life on the small screen, bad CGI be damned.

Titania has already been introduced in the series, but some fans don’t think she’s developed enough. In the comics, Titania is She-Hulk’s arch nemesis and a pretty big deal in the character’s main storyline. While her inclusion in the Disney+ show is welcome, she needs a bit more expansion.


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Titania is introduced from the very beginning

Titania is introduced in the first episode of the series, making her way through the room to the court and demonstrating her superhuman strength. She-Hulk made quick work of her after a small fight, which resulted in Titania being knocked unconscious and promptly arrested.

Most of the attention was on She-Hulk’s reveal to the public, as well as the first showing of her fight against the villain. Unfortunately, this fight was mostly played for laughs, leading to Titania being underdeveloped. It’s part of a wider problem She-Hulk has with its pacing, it leaves little time for any story development.

Titania has been missing for too many episodes

Despite being a superpowered newcomer, Titania was released from prison because of her contacts. Since then, the series has had a subplot involving whether or not Emil Blonsky has a case, as well as his adventures with Wong. These subplots were fun, but at the expense of Titania’s importance.

Titania was simply mentioned in all consecutive episodes, not appearing again until the fifth episode. Viewers would have expected a little more expansion of her character, given that she is the main antagonist of the first season. However, they saw little of her.

Why should Titania be developed?

In the comics, Titania is a genetically enhanced soldier who believes herself to be the strongest woman in the world. A narcissistic criminal with enhanced strength, stamina and agility, she is a great match for Walters and one of the few Marvel characters stronger than She-Hulk. The two have had many great feuds in the comics, and fans were naturally hoping to see this replicated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the 5th episode She-Hulk series, Titania was simply brought back to start a legal battle between her and Jennifer Walters over the trademark of the She-Hulk name. While it was funny and appropriate for a show about a superhero lawyer, it seemed a bit pale compared to what villain viewers were used to in the franchise. It’s hard for the Strakes to feel important when the battle is just a legal one over naming rights.

Not to mention, in the comics, Titania was genetically enhanced into Dr. Doom and Carl Creel’s wife, making her a good bond with other Marvel villains. Are there any plans to add Dr. Doom in the MCU remains to be seen, and he probably won’t be in the She-Hulk. However, that’s no reason why the writers can’t develop Titania with a different background.

The MCU Phase 4 Villains Problem

Some viewers would argue that the MCU has generally had a problem with villains throughout its films. In fact, the growing consensus among fans is that the villains in the Phase 4 MCU shows haven’t seen much development at all. While there were plenty of great characters in Phase 4 of the MCU, they were few and far between in comparison to the many that appeared in earlier phases of the franchise.

The problem with this is that it lowers the stakes too much and limits the storytelling because the villain and the protagonist didn’t have enough personal conflict built up for the audience to care about their fight. Even if Walters likes to focus on being a lawyer, and is a little more upbeat and frivolous than many of the other heroes, it’s a disservice not to give her a proper villain to face.

Since Titania seems to be the main villain She-Hulkone could argue that her character needed a lot more development throughout the series. It’s clear that her character was meant to be a witty, comic relief villain like she appeared in She-HulkThe fifth sitcom-style episode, but maybe the writers are trying to give fans a red herring. It’s possible that Titania isn’t being built up as a threat as a deliberate misdirection, until she ultimately proves the threat she is.

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