October 6, 2022

Developer Aggro Crab has released a new trailer for its latest game, the Soulslike action-adventure game Another Cancer treasure. Crabs may not have an immediate connection to Soulslike action gameplay for many players, but that’s something Aggro Crab plans to rectify Another Cancer treasure. To help break through what is the main character of the hermit crab Another Cancer treasure can do, the new Aggro Crab trailer features an extended look at one of the game’s boss fights.


Soulslike game is not just an action game. It’s about creating unique worlds to explore that are rich in detail and story. Although Aggro Crab hasn’t shown a significant amount of its crab gameplay yet, it certainly showcased a unique and beautiful underwater world. Instead of a sword and shield, players will use the trash they collect from the dying environment. Similarly, enemy crabs will also be well equipped for this undersea society where only the fittest survive.

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The boss that Aggro Crab now represents is a great example of the world it’s in Another Cancer treasure. It’s called the Polluted Water Pathfinder, and it’s a crab covered in both trash and gravel. One claw is tied in a rope, the other is holding a glass bottle, and on its head is a piece of plastic garbage bag. This could be the creature that the hermit crab must become in order to survive Another Cancer treasurea monstrous reflection of the dying land they live in and a real Soul-like boss.

Players can see how fast the movement is Another Cancer treasuremore An axe rather Black souls. The Hermit grabs in and out, attacking and dodging his opponent’s glass bottle. There’s also some clever interaction in combat. At one point, a hermit crab receives a blow that knocks over its aluminum can. In another example, the Contaminated Water Pathfinder shatters his glass bottle, leaving it with a jagged sharp edge. You fear what will happen when the rope is cut and his claw is released.

In a hilarious sequel to Aggro Crab, another video shows what a lighter version of the fight could look like. The hermit crab equips a gun as its shell before a fight, then once it starts, it kills its enemy in one hit. It’s probably safe to assume that the gun won’t be available when Another Cancer treasure launches in 2023.

Another Cancer treasure will be the second game of Aggro Crab. He was the first Go underdungeon crawler that was very well received when it launched in 2020. Aggro Crab is now independently publishing its second game, and expectations are very high. Another Cancer treasure it certainly looks promising, so let’s hope the excitement for it simmers until it arrives.

Another Cancer treasure coming out in 2023 for PC and Switch.

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