June 8, 2023

Capcom has decided to scrap the Resident Evil Village DLC focusing on Chris Redfield with the idea of ​​putting more effort into the upcoming Shadows of Rose.

The information comes via prominent Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer (also known as Dusk Golem), who brought along significant portions of several Japanese interviews Twitter thread. According to his translation, Capcom originally planned a DLC chapter with Chris Redfield as the protagonist, which sounds quite similar to Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero. However, the idea was later shelved, as the new team initially decided to invest more time and money into Shadows of Rose to create a “meatier” ending.

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The discontinued Chris DLC will see the character “go a bit crazy” as a result of his internal pressure and guilt in front of Ethan and Mia. It looks like Redfield was supposed to act like Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, who constantly felt the burden of responsibility for his girlfriend, seeing things that weren’t really there. Perhaps this canceled village chapter should have been much less action-oriented than Not a Hero, which offered little other than intense gunfights.

During development, the psychedelic Shadows of Rose became too appealing to the team, and they wanted to put all their resources into it. This resulted in a significant increase in size for the DLC, offering around four hours of content, which is almost half of the base game. It was previously known that Shadows of Rose would see players returning to Dimitrescu Castle, but you can expect more locations than just the vampire fortress. With Shadows of Rose, Capcom aims to offer a different style of horror for the franchise described as a “Dream from a Nightmare” with a focus on survival and bizarre imagery.

As far as we know, Shadows of Rose will offer a true conclusion to the entire Winters family saga, which means we probably won’t see Ethan, Mia, or Rosemary in future RE games. It’s unknown what’s next for the series after Resident Evil 4 Remake, but we may get some hints this October, during the scheduled Resident Evil presentation. Capcom has already promised “news and updates on Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, Resident Evil 4 and more.”

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