October 6, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene recorded a 10-minute statement in which she complained about being asked to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

A bizarre video of a Georgian lawmaker from her congressional office emerged as Vladimir Putin announced the call-up of 300,000 Russian reservists and hinted he would consider using nuclear weapons.

But the QAnon-supporting congresswoman was more concerned that a Ukrainian lobbyist visited her office and left a letter and a used Russian grenade.

The right-wing politician told her followers that, unlike Joe Biden, she did not care about the Ukrainian border.

“There is a border of the country that he (Biden) cares about and it’s not the border of this country, it’s the border of Ukraine,” she said.

“And while we’re all concerned and we care deeply about what’s happening to the people of Ukraine and we pray for them every day, I voted against every penny that goes into the proxy war with Russia, Biden’s war with Russia.

“I believe that our American tax dollars should only be used for this country while we have so many problems, security crises.”

She then complained that Congress “is being lobbied this week not by the American people, but by people who support Ukraine, people from Ukraine.”

I she explained that Andrey Liscovich, the President of the Defense Fund of Ukraine, visited her office to try to talk to her to try to get her to support increased military aid to the country.

“It doesn’t matter who the president of the United States is, I have a big problem with billions and billions, tens of billions of hard-earned American dollars being spent on another country’s border, for a proxy war with Russia, nuclear Russia, when this administration could care less about our southern border.”

She then showed a Russian grenade that had been left for her and said it had been fired near a Ukrainian nuclear facility.

“I have no idea if this is contaminated,” she complained as she displayed a map of Georgia’s 14th District, which she represents.

“All these people here are not calling my office, in fact, they are not coming to my office and asking me to send $11.7 billion to Ukraine,” she said.

And she argued that the most important issue to her voters is actually the impeachment of Joe Biden.

“The most calls I’ve gotten this week from my district and from other people around the country is — the impeachment of Joe Biden,” she said.

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