October 1, 2022

Video game critic and reviewer Dunkey, aka Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow, unveiled the new company he’s starting with his wife to publish indie video games. The announcement was made in a recent video in which he detailed his reasons for starting the company and how it ties into his history with video games.

Some of the biggest hits of the last many years have been indie titles, with games like Hades takes home the Game of the Year award at multiple awards shows. However, not every indie game is a big hit and not every indie developer gets the support they need, and Dunkey hopes to get in there.


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Videogamedunkey has revealed Bigmode Games, a new publishing company that will focus on indie titles. In the video, Dunkey explains that after 11 years on YouTube as a video game critic and content creator, he and his wife Leah decided to open this publishing studio in an effort to support deserving indie game creators and bring more attention to titles that are actually good. As his video says, downloading an indie game is similar to buying a loot box, in that the player can potentially stumble upon a gem, but also encounter disappointment, as the quality of indie games can vary wildly.

Dunkey stresses that he wouldn’t do anything to tarnish his reputation for being honest about how he feels about games, and that will continue through this development. Dunkey and Leah are interested in supporting developers with fresh ideas and passion for their projects, and actively invite game developers to apply, whether they are well on their way to development or just in the planning stages. Dunkey also notes that the company has created as fair a deal as possible for developers and is not interested in creative control over projects. Ultimately, Dunkey and Leah want to support games (and the developers behind them) that have received their stamp of approval.

Dunkey has a long history of promoting indie games, although he doesn’t shy away from reviewing AAA titles. His channel has highlighted several big hits of recent years in the indie gaming scene, such as Celeste, Untitled Goose Game, Undertaleand Cuphead. He talked about these games on his channel to praise them and help bring attention to them, and now his company will continue and expand on that work.

Those who enjoy Dunkey’s videos may be concerned about what will happen to his regular content going forward. However, Dunkey noted that Bigmode Games will be a “harmonious continuation” of his channel and videos. While it’s likely that Dunkey’s main channel will be used to promote some of the games that Bigmode Games eventually acquires the publishing rights to, the content that fans have already enjoyed likely won’t go anywhere.

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