October 1, 2022

After a brief comeback, Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer features are once again offline, though FromSoftware confirms it has found the problem.

FromSoftware confirms that there is an issue with the online game on Steam for Dark Souls 3, meaning he had to remove online functionality from the game once again. The Dark Souls 3 Problems with the server began back in January, when it was announced that a dangerous exploit had been discovered and needed to be fixed. Since then, fans have become concerned as the multiplayer tag has disappeared Dark Souls 3 on Steam, leading some to believe that the feature has been removed entirely.


However, FromSoftware has given fans updates on its work to restore online play Dark Souls 3. Back in May, when players asked when they could join their friends in co-op or battle fellow fans in PvP, FromSoftware stated that a fix was still in development. Later in July, it finally seemed that way Dark Souls 3 Online features have been restored, as it was announced via the game’s official Twitter page that a new update has fixed the server issues.

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However, now the servers are for Dark Souls 3 are down again, as stated on the game’s official Twitter page. FromSoftware has notified players that there is a confirmed issue with the Dark Souls 3 Steam servers. It’s not yet confirmed what it is or if it’s related to the exploit discovered back in January, but the tweet says that FromSoftware is investigating the issue and will let fans know as soon as more details become available.

If the problem is anything like the previous problems discovered with Dark Souls 3 online features, it may take some time before players can use them again on PC. While FromSoftware’s action RPGs are often designed as single-player experiences, the games’ online features can add some interesting elements to gameplay. U black souls’ invasions and duels, for example, another challenge can be added to the tough combat of the game, as players fight against each other with different constructions that they have made.

Currently, many fans of FromSoftware titles are still playing Elden Ringwhich had no issues with multiplayer functionality. Elden Ring’s multiplayer works similarly to code Black souls, with players able to enter other people’s worlds to help or hinder their progress. However, for those looking to take a break from invading the player world in the Lands Between, it looks like they may be waiting a while before returning to Dark Souls 3 multiplayer.

Dark Souls 3 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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