September 24, 2022

Two Americans captured by the Russians while fighting for the Ukrainian Defense Forces have been freed, their families said.

Andy Huynh and Alexander Drueke, both Army veterans from Alabama, have reportedly been released after being captured by the Russians while fighting for Ukraine.

According to a joint statement released by their families, the men were reportedly handed over to the US embassy in Saudi Arabia.

“We are delighted to announce that Alex and Andy are free,” the families said. “They are safely in the custody of the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia and will return to the United States after medical examinations and debriefing.”

The families said they “deeply appreciate everyone’s prayers, and especially the close communication and support of our elected officials, Ukrainian Ambassador Markarov, and our members of the US Embassies in Ukraine and Saudi Arabia and the US State Department.”

According to the Saudi Foreign Ministry, the men among the 10 Russian prisoners of war were freed thanks to “mediational efforts” made on behalf of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

As a result of that agreement, citizens of Britain, Sweden, Croatia and Morocco were also released.

According to a fellow soldier who was with Mr. Drueke and Mr. Huynh, the men were captured after helping to disable a Russian tank. The Americans were separated from the rest of their group in the smoke from the attack and then captured by Russian forces.

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