October 6, 2022

TikTok is taking its quest to remain “first and foremost an entertainment platform” seriously. As of today (September 21), political accounts are prohibited from monetizing on the platform.

Politicians and political parties no longer have access to monetization features on TikTok, such as gifts, tips, e-commerce, Creator Marketplace and TikTok Creator Fund. Additionally, political accounts can no longer advertise on TikTok. Political accounts include politicians, political parties, as well as government-run entities. For a complete list of accounts that qualify as political accounts go to the TikTok website.


TikTok launches ‘Election Center’ to fight mid-term misinformation

In a press release, TikTok acknowledged that there are limited circumstances in which government orders will be granted access to TikTok advertising. For example, advertising of COVID-19 boosters will still be allowed on the platform, but all government organizations will have to work with a TikTok representative to advertise on the app.

TikTok previously banned all political ads ahead of the 2020 election, and today’s ban on political accounts’ access to advertising features will further enforce that ban.

Today’s announcement is one in a series of updates TikTok is making ahead of the US midterm elections in November. In August, the “Electoral Center” for the fight against disinformation began its work. In the “coming weeks,” TikTok will change its campaign fundraising policy, essentially banning it, meaning politicians will no longer be able to solicit donations on the platform.

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