September 24, 2022

The September Xbox Update is here and it adds new storage options, easier access to your games and more.

The new update is rolling out today, September 21st, and Xbox has made it easier to access your games and apps by revamping your library. The entire library view has been streamlined to show you all the games you have access to install and play, as well as an All Games section that will include games you can play through any subscriptions you have, such as Game Pass, EA Access, and Games with gold.

New update for color change.
New update for color change.


The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core in White is also available, and with this latest update you’ll be able to change the color of the Xbox buttons on any Series 2 Elite controller. You can do this in the Xbox Accessories app on your Xbox console or PC, as long as your controller is connected.

There are now more options for your storage, as you can now choose different installation locations for your games and apps on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. For example, you can let your Xbox decide where games optimized for the Xbox Series X|S go, you can choose to install compatible games on an external hard drive, and put apps on internal storage.

The Xbox Game Bar has a new option to get a share link for any screenshots of your gameplay that you take on PC. You can do this via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and more, and if your settings are public, anyone will be able to check your recordings.

Party Noise Cancellation is now rolling out to Xbox One and Windows 11/10 PCs, so if you’re using party chat, hopefully you’ll notice less “unwanted sounds and interruptions” such as “gamepad clicks, breathing and background noise .”

Setting up parties is now easier too, as the Xbox mobile app has a “start a party” option, making it “easy to jump right into the game with your friends”.

You can read about all the updates at Xbox Wire blog.

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