October 6, 2022

Developer Volition’s Saints Row reboot launched in late August, but the game didn’t make the kind of splash that parent company Embracer Group might have wanted. CEO Lars Wingefors said during the company annual general assembly that he wished the game had a “bigger reception”, according to Eurogamer.

He added that the reception to the new Saints Row was “polarizing”. Wingefors added: “There are a lot of things that could be said and details about it. I’m happy to see a lot of players and fans happy. At the same time, I’m a little sad to see fans not happy, .”

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Novi Saints Row je imao neke greške i druge probleme pri lansiranju, a Wingefors je rekao da dolaze ispravci i zakrpe. Na kraju, Wingefors vjeruje da će novi Saints Row donijeti novac.

„Uvjeren sam da ćemo zaraditi novac na investiciji. Da li bi [been] like the good ROI we’ve seen in so many other games? It’s not very likely, but we’ll make money and that’s a good starting point,” he said.

As for whether the cold reception of the new Saints Row could affect the future of the series, Wingefors said he always wants each new entry in the series to be more successful than the last. That may not always be possible, but Wingefors said, “What you do is … assess your position, the outcome … and there [are] hundreds of people have been playing this game in a group… I still have a lot of faith in these people and I’m sure they’ll recommend things for me in the future.”

The new Saints Row may not have had the strongest start, but it was still the second best-selling game in the US during August, behind Madden NFL 23.

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