September 24, 2022

Kickstarter for a disturbing co-op survival horror game The store is closed is started. The idea of ​​getting lost in IKEA, or a similar large-scale industrial furniture store, is certainly a nightmare. It’s not surprising that someone decided to take this nightmare and turn it into a horror video game, mixing horrible monsters dressed as grocery store employees and co-op employees. That game is The store is closed and it needs some help to continue the development.


The idea begins with a joint writing project called the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation combines thousands of stories, documents, and more to create a supernatural shared universe. One such story is titled SCP-3008, which refers to a former IKEA building that teleports visitors to an alternate world where the building is endless and full of monsters. It was this story, SCP-3008, that inspired developer Zippy to create The store is closed.

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Players will find the premise The store is closed very simple. The player is stuck in an endless IKEA-like furniture store and must survive against its mutant staff. Players can explore the plot with their friends or alone, using furniture to craft weapons and fortifications. They’ll need that defense to fend off the mutant employees, the “biters” in the children’s department, the mannequins, the TV golems, and the terrifying and mysterious floor managers.

As for how keen horror game fans can support The store is closedIn development, the horror game’s Kickstarter is now live and accepting pledges. A pledge of 17 pounds, about $20, will provide a promised key to the game on PC or console when it tentatively launches in 2024. A pledge increase to 21 pounds, about $24, will also provide a key to The store is closedClosed alpha for multiplayer. Steam closed alpha keys will be sent out when the Kickstarter ends on November 4th.

Kickstarter campaign for The store is closed has already passed its initial target, which was either very modest or deliberately set low to make it easy to achieve. The goal was $11,377, and the project has already raised $21,677, with 441 backers supporting the project. Future stretch goals include more weapons, furniture to craft, boss bosses, and secret bosses in the endgame.

The store is closed in no way is it trying to reinvent the wheel. A four-player cooperative survival horror game with base crafting and building is a relatively common concept these days. But The store is closedThe IKEA-like setting and its strange enemies are a new kind of creative nightmare that should stir the heart of any horror game fan.

The store is closed coming out in June 2024 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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