October 6, 2022

Big catch is a new 3D platformer from Filet Group that takes inspiration from the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 era of 3D platformers and is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Once upon a time, 3D platformers reigned as one of the biggest genres in the industry. It’s true that there are still new big-budget 3D platformers being released today, but it’s safe to say that the genre is far past its golden age. Most of the big publishers make different kinds of games, so it was up to the smaller indie studios to fill the void.


The past few years have seen the release of a plethora of 3D platformers that are clearly inspired by the genre’s glory days, often even mimicking the graphics of games released during the PS1 and N64 eras. Big catch is the latest game to swing in concept, with developer Filet Group seeking additional funding on Kickstarter to expand the development team and properly finish the project. At the time of writing, the game has reached $64,035 between 1,442 backers so far, and with 24 days left in the fundraising period, it looks like Big catch has a decent chance of being fully funded and maybe even exceeding its goals. The fans won’t know about it Big catchHowever, they are stretching their goals until they reach their initial funding goal. Click here to visit Big catch Kickstarter page.

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Big catch which is said to take direct inspiration from fifth-generation 3D platformers, as well as games that came later, such as Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey, Shadow of the Colossus, Psychonauts, and others. Those interested can watch the trailer that was released for the game.

Big catch puts players in the role of Caster, a fisherman who must save chef Leurre’s restaurant by collecting new ingredients. As one might imagine from the game’s title, these ingredients primarily consist of fish, which serve as the Power Star-equivalent in the game. Players will have a variety of platforming gimmicks they can use to explore the game’s worlds and grab all the fish they need to reach their goal.

Interesting trick Big catch is Caster’s fishing rod, used in solving puzzles and generally interacting with the environment. Speaking of the environment, the Kickstarter page says so Big catch takes place in an open world, where players have the freedom to progress through the game as they wish.

Filet Group’s Big catch it certainly sounds promising on paper. It will be interesting to see if it joins other Kickstarter video game success stories when the funding period ends next month.

Big catch is in development for PC.

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