October 6, 2022

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, records a large number of viewers. According to Diversity, the show now averages 29 million viewers per episode in the US. This counts viewership on cable TV, HBO Max, and all the other places people can watch HBO content.

Forbes published that the original Game of Thrones averaged 9.3 million viewers per episode in 2011 for its debut season. Importantly, however, this was ten years ago when there was no HBO Max. George RR Martin published some of the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but the fantasy series was generally new to many and did not have the cultural significance it now has thanks to the Game of Thrones series.

Game of Thrones ended its run with an average of 44 million viewers per episode in its eighth and final season in 2019. The spinoff series, House of the Dragon, was never expected to perform as well as the main show. This is something series star Matt Smith has spoken about before.

Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen in House of Dragons, said Game of Thrones had a “cultural imprint” and had become a “phenomenon”. He went on to say that it would be “impossible to replicate or recreate”.

“All we can do is focus on the show we’re trying to make, and even though it belongs in the same world, hopefully it will evolve and become its own,” Smith said. “This focuses on a narrower group of people, and Thrones was immediately much broader in terms of story. This is more of a family drama. It’s never going to recreate the levels of success that Thrones had because it can’t … it was a completely original moment. But we’ve tried to create something that’s fun in a similar way, but hopefully takes on a different identity.”

Dragon House premiered on August 21st and is now halfway through its first season. The next episode, which airs on September 25, will feature a 10-year time jump, with new actors playing Rhaenyra and Alicent.

HBO has ordered a second season of Dragon House, but we don’t know when it will air yet.

The show now competes with another high-profile fantasy series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power from Amazon Studios, which garnered 25 million viewers for its first episodes.

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